Silecta has a talented team of technical and supply chain professionals experienced in the design, implementation and management of operational and engineering services. In today’s outsourced world, many organizations have lost or divested internal expertise; reducing control and visibility of overall operational performance. The remaining internal resources are often stretched and challenged during peak periods of change or crisis. Talk with us today to learn more about how Silecta can advance your supply chain.

Value Add

How robust is your supply chain process and is it responsive to the changing needs of your customers in a cost effective manner?

A robust, streamlined and effective supply chain is critical to the success of any company. Supply chain failures impact revenue, costs and reputation. Silecta has the talent and expertise to evaluate, develop, improve and manage your supply chain. From start-ups to the largest OEM companies, we can add value to your operations. Acting as an extension of your organization, Silecta facilitates superior performance and synergy in all dimensions of the supply chain.

Established Companies

Typical engagements include analysis of current supply chain methods and processes as well as implementing appropriate modifications and solutions. These include sourcing support of the component through the product lifecycle, supplier risk assessment, mitigation and price negotiation. Silecta aids in building a more responsive, secure and cost effective supply chain.

Start-up Companies

Silecta offers a seasoned operational team that can design and, if desired, manage the full supply chain. Silecta has the systems, knowledge and expertise to assist you in establishing supply chain control and performance. This allows the start-up to focus their energies on core competencies such as product development and market penetration.

Silectahas the technical, operational and business expertise to complement your in-house resources. Silecta supports client’s products from conceptual design through end-of-life. Our focus is on security of supply, compliance and product cost. We design supply chains to be robust, agile, cost effective, and compliant with your corporate responsibility initiatives.

Operations Management

We work seamlessly with your organization to provide operations support. Many companies struggle with the complexities of getting products to market because they lack the necessary internal expertise. Many organizations have outsourced operations roles to Silecta allowing internal resources to be available for higher priority tasks. These include commodity management, price negotiation and component engineering.

Silecta can monitor and report on your operational performance. We will recommend improvements to streamline your operation and enhance your KPI performance. Silecta’s access to analytic tools provides unique visibility to areas of opportunity. Talk with us today to learn more about how Silecta can advance your supply chain.


Silecta’s technology based on machine learning, media search and proprietary algorithms has created a comprehensive attributes reference library on suppliers and components that can be used to help you build a better supply chain. AI enabled supply chains are more responsive, cost competitive, secure and reliable. Silecta uses the AI reference library to identify and fx chronic errors within your data.


Assessment, selection and the qualification of suppliers, manufacturers and their products are key elements of proper supply base management. The right vendor choice will benefit your company for years to come. It’s critical to know that your supply chain is comprised of companies that can deliver on time, comply with your requirements and have the ‘right stuff’ to make you succeed. You need components that work and are available when needed.

Silecta component engineering capability can impact all stages of a product lifecycle. We reduce supply and design risk to increase efficiency and profitability.

Supply Base Optimization

Optimal supply base design depends on the selection of the most appropriate components and supply options. This provides flexibility to enable optimal cost and security of supply, while being compliant with regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations. Our component engineers are skilled in matching product requirements with component availability.

Product Cost Reviews

Proprietary processes allow Silecta to determine product cost competitiveness and opportunities for improvement. Silecta offers expertise in the areas of product tear-down analysis and product redesign and can lead Value Analysis/Value Engineering programs for product optimization.

New Product Introduction

Silecta can ensure new product launch readiness with BoM scrubs, supply chain reviews and market performance cost assessments. Silecta can also assist with technical assessments such as schematic integrity analysis aimed at early detection of design or marginality issues to reduce design cycles.

Risk Mitigation

Lifecycle, breadth of use and supplier liability are but a few of the sources of risk that exist in a product’s Bill of Materials. Silecta’s reference database and engineering expertise can assist in creating risk mitigation plans for your product line.