Who we are, What we do

Silecta is a consulting and hands on practitioners company that helps clients improve their supply chains and enhance profitability.

As consultants we use our expertise and unique applications based on AI to assess your supply chain processes and performance in order to identify areas for improvement and recommend solutions.

As practitioners, we align with your organization and act within your supply chain to implement solutions or act as an outsource service provider. Typical services include component and EMS sourcing, price negotiation, component engineering and other necessary but non-core functions within an Operations organization.

Our Background

In January 2015, after 10 years of growth, Lytica’s Board of Directors elected to spin off Lytica’s consulting and services business into a new and separate company – Silecta Inc. Ken Bradley Chairman/CTO announced that Lytica Inc. would increase its focus on benchmarking and other unique AI and analytic supply chain tools. Silecta continues with a services mandate to improve their clients’ internal operations.

Silecta Intent

Achieve optimal performance and measurable results
Align and drive progress towards full customer opportunity
Improve cost, security and compliance with better methods and tools
Enable a robust, competitive and cost effective supply chain
Committed to your success

Client Goals

Be a must have customer
Simplify the global management of suppliers and service providers
Remove barriers to growth through an optimized supply base
Address visibility to risk and cost
Implement solutions rather than temporary fixes

Value Proposition

Ensure an optimized supply chain to drive growth and agility. Silecta will work as an extension of your team to enhance methods, and enable access to better information and applications. We accomplish this through analysis and implementations to ensure your success. Contact us today to advance your supply chain.

Analytics Enabled Supply Chain Services

Analytics Training
Supply Base Design
Supply Chain Design
Quarterly Industry Reports
Supply Base Rationalization
Real-time Information Source
Approved Vendor List (AVL) Cleansing
Cost analysis and risk exposure assessment

Operations Management Services

Data clean-up
Global Sourcing
Virtual Operations Services
Lifecycle Strategies and Planning
Supply Chain and Organization analysis
Component Engineering commodity management services
Denotes a new service offering

Analytics & Operations

Silecta has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate, improve and manage your supply chain. With a well seasoned team of individuals Silecta provides experience in all facets of manufacturing operations. Contact us today to advance your supply chain.

Artificial Intelligence

Artifcial Intelligence and its application in Machine Learning can solve chronic supply base problems. Currently, Artificial Intelligence is following Amara’s Law, “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.” The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged in the mid-1950s and, until recently, AI endeavours have failed to deliver on its promise. Today AI and Machine Learning are having a major impact in many fields, and the unprecedented automation capabilities that they enable are likely to transform half of all jobs in the next decade.

Silecta believes that embracing AI technology and applying it to solve many of the supply base issues that our customers are having, allows them to act quickly and have a view of their supply chain they otherwise would not.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is already extensively used by enterprises, both directly and indirectly, and has had a profound effect on how many industries operate. Using AI allows you to identify opportunities in data that would otherwise have been missed.
Source: Narrative Science 2016

University Partnerships

Silecta recognizes the value in enabling highly driven and skilled university students and graduates to work alongside our team. Silecta has partnered with Carleton University to accelerate our supply chain goals. The aim of this partnership is to excel our work in the area of Supply Chain Risk and to give hands-on experience working on solutions to real-world supply chain issues.

Technology Innovation Management (TIM) Program,
Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Corporate Partnerships

Silecta has partnered with Lytica Inc. to be a part of the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) incubation program. This engagement has a focus on artificial intelligence and analytics applications aimed to improve the e-supply chain. Silecta is currently working with the ATC team to develop supply chain risk applications.

Advanced Technology Center (ATC) Incubation Program,
Lytica Inc., Ottawa, ON, Canada